Colette Armstrong-Managing Director Applied Signs and Displays "We are very pleased with our database, and impressed by the way it has grown and been tailored to our specific needs. We are looking forward to working with you to keep enhancing and refining the database so that it becomes an even more important tool in our customer service, record keeping and marketing functions."


What do you do when your company needs help with Office or Access and you don't want to go to the expense of hiring a fulltime member of staff or a contractor?

Come and speak to us.

The Access Expert can help to fill the gap.

How many databases are sitting out there needing upgrading or annoying bugs fixed without anyone the correct knowledge to carry out the task?

Perhaps you need a mailshot or a few different reports from an existing database. Advice on expanding, moving the database onto a website.

We can offer support contracts, one off visits (bug fixing etc.), online support or create new databases from scratch.

For large projects to an hour's support or advice by email. We are flexible and can work on or offsite. Many customers we never meet in person.

You will be surprised how quickly databases can be created. This is why MSAccess is often used as a preliminary design tool for much larger systems.


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