Dr E Alana James, Jones International University "The Access Expert was a life saver! My academic work required a substantial database to be set up to catalog the ideas covered in books across several fields of research. Thanks to The Access Expert it works splendidly and we were able to complete the project by email saving much expense. I highly recommend his work."

A Simple Case Study

Applied Signs Database

We recently created a database for a company that produces signs, graphics and exhibition stands. All their jobs would be written out onto a job sheet. This would then be filed away. This worked well for one off customers but when a repeat job turned up the customer would ask for the same as the last time a phone call would be interrupted whilst the job sheet was looked up in the filing cabinet.

The Access Expert created a database that allowed a user to search for the customer and then search through a customers jobs in seconds. Once found the specific job could be printed out in report form.

Rapid Development

A database such as this took 1 day to create. The same database allowed a series of notes to be tagged to a given customer allowing for a trail of correspondence ie/ detailing phone calls etc.

Mailshots and integrated letters

At a later date a mail merge to word was added, label printing and mailshots to outlook.

Management reporting

It also opens other avenues and options. The ability to analyse data. Such as where are my sales concentrated? What type of job gives the greatest profit? What postcodes are we not selling to?

The database can evolves with your requirements

Purchase orders and invoicing could be incorporated. Invoices sent straight to email as pdf files for instance. There are no limits where you can take the database as it evolves as you grow. Our continued support ensures that changes and amendments can be made at any time.

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