N Murphy writes "We have a database that seems to be secured with passwords and our original developer has left?"

Answer: This depends on the level of security. If the developer secured the database correctly it may not be possible. In the majority of cases this level of protection is not necessary and rarely implemented. Try creating a new database and copying all the data objects from the original into the new database.


The Access Expert is a company formed by Gordon Green.

Gordon started working on MS Access on its first release in 1992 and has been using it ever since. He has over ten years experience contracting in the IT market in London

In 2004 he moved to Dublin and formed The Access Expert in 2008.

In the previous ten years he has contracted in a variety of industries from utilities to television, banking and insurance. These companies include Lloyds of London, NatWest Markets, NatWest Bank, Flemings ,JPMorgan Chase, The Henley Centre, Wace Technology, London Electricity and Freedom Group.

This has given him in a unique insight into how businesses run and how best they can utilise Microsoft Access.

Gordon's main specialist industry is the financial sector having spent 5 years working for a major investment bank.

He believes that Access often gets short shrift from database developers but it certainly has an important place in any size company. It is a very powerful piece of software when used in the right hands.

Clients include
Coca Cola, O'Mahony Pike, JPMorgan, Topflight, Youthreach, Applied Signs, CARI, Railway Procurement Agency, Irish Pride, Dun Laoghaire Adult Education Centre, Adonis Flowers, Navan Music School, Animal Care Society, MPS, Carton House, Avantec, I Like Cake, Bariant Systems, Cool Springs, Dacus Dental, Halcyon Training, KMIT Services, Insurance Works, FusionNutra, NERA, Irish Housing Association, Sue Ryder, At Your Service, National Library, NICER, Roches Wigs, scoliosis.ie, Veolia Water, GMC, Cougar Recruitment.


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