Dr E Alana James, Jones International University "The Access Expert was a life saver! My academic work required a substantial database to be set up to catalog the ideas covered in books across several fields of research. Thanks to The Access Expert it works splendidly and we were able to complete the project by email saving much expense. I highly recommend his work."

MSAccess Solutions

MS Access is a file based database application that comes standalone or with the Microsoft Office Suite of products

It was first introduced in 1992 and has gone through various different versions since.

Pre 97 The initial product Access 1.0 was a cheap desktop database with a competitive feature set that enjoyed instant popularity amongst Windows users. Access 2.0 was a major update released in May 1994.
Access 95-97 The first 32 bit Windows version was released as Access 95 in November 1995 with some problems which were not fully solved until the emergence of Access97. Old versions of Access are no longer supported and should have been converted prior to Y2K. In the unlikely event that you are using an older version contact us. In January 1997 the improved 32 bit version Access 97 arrived as a productive development environment. Access 97 assisted support has ended.
Access 2000 Access 2000 greatly improved the underlying JET database architecture for network and multi-user applications. Access 2000 is still supported but it may be time to upgrade. Support ended in 2006.
Access 2002 Access emerges as part of Windows XP. New features include PivotTable and PivotChart support and better Access Data Projects for SQL Server. However, the JET 4.0 engine and VBA have not changed since the 2000 release.
Access 2003 Improving on Access 2002 but not much change.
Access 2007 emerges as part of the Vista Office package. For Access users many new features have been added.


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