Mr R Richards writes "How do we export from our database to create mailshots?"

Answer: The Access Expert have experience in linking to Microsoft Outlook, Word mail merges and data dumps to Excel.

MSOffice Solutions

We provide support for all the MSOffice suite of products. Commonly Excel, Word and Outlook.

The fact that Access is part of the office suite of products means Access developers are forced to pay attention to the interoperability of these products.

They are no longer solely Access developers, rather they are Office developers.

The Access Expert can guide you on any Office product or help automate between Office products.

Mail merges can be designed with Word creating dynamic mailshots with Access data.

Similarly Access can link to Outlook for mailshots and ezines. The emails can be in html format and contain dynamically created invoices or statements.

For quick data dumps, we have a routines to export out to Excel which is handy for attaching into emails.

Lastly a great advantage of Access 2007 is the ability to export to a pdf document. At last Access reports can be sent and read with Adobe Acrobat.

See these points illustrated on our Examples page.


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