N Murphy writes "We have a database that seems to be secured with passwords and our original developer has left?"

Answer: This depends on the level of security. If the developer secured the database correctly it may not be possible. In the majority of cases this level of protection is not necessary and rarely implemented. Try creating a new database and copying all the data objects from the original into the new database.


The Access Expert can be hired on a daily rate to provide support, training or general database maintenance.

Alternatively we can quote on the price of a standalone project.


The hourly rate is 60 euro/ per hour

Standard Day:

Standard Day = 7 hours

How long does it take to build a database?

A simple contact managment database takes 1-2 days to build. It includes intuitive search facility, tabbed display to locate details swiftly, rolling client notes, mailshot filter across various categories. Associate clients with keywords to help with filtering. Export names to Excel, Outlook and Word. User generated reports. PDF creation(in Access 2007).

The database can grow as you grow. It is tailored to suit your needs and can be amended or adapted when the need arises.

View our simple case study of a company new to databases. It saved them time and money!!


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