Mr R Richards writes "How do we export from our database to create mailshots?"

Answer: The Access Expert have experience in linking to Microsoft Outlook, Word mail merges and data dumps to Excel.


A website is a "live" brochure for your organisation, one which can evolve and change daily. Many organisations don't have the know-how or the time to keep their websites up to date and don't enjoy the visitor traffic they deserve or require.

In many instances, once a website is designed it suffers from neglect. Often a developer will hand the new redesigned site to the organisation without explaining how to keep it current and evolving.

The Access Expert can both redesign and maintain your website.

Site Design

We work in conjunction with experienced graphic designers who can give you a brief and honest appraisal of what could be improved from a visual perspective. If the site looks attractive and professional you will gain credibility.

The Access Expert now works in conjunction with the freelance graphic designer Sue Bush. Our first collaborations include the sites Sue Ryder Foundation, At Your Service, and 2Plus4 Publishing and for more examples of Sue's work check out her website

Website examples
We will look at ways with you of adding content and making the site more useful to visitors. The more information you provide the more likely that people will seek it out and recommend it to other people. If the information you provide is relevant then people may link to their site from your own site.
We will look at ways of keeping your information current by adding news, photos and even a blog. Constantly changing information keeps a site fresh and visitors returning. With our monthly service we will help your website evolve and grow to become an important part of how your organisation communicates to the outside world.
If you are a charity we can suggest ways that you can attract donors and encourage people to donate online.


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