Dr E Alana James, Jones International University "The Access Expert was a life saver! My academic work required a substantial database to be set up to catalog the ideas covered in books across several fields of research. Thanks to The Access Expert it works splendidly and we were able to complete the project by email saving much expense. I highly recommend his work."

MSAccess Solutions

We provide software solutions for the MSOffice suite of products specialising in MSAccess databases.

We have over 10 years experience in MSAccess.

Database development. Designing new customised solutions to fit your business need.
Amending your existing databases when original developer is no longer available.
Data corruption, system crashes or database too slow. Advice and cures for all MSAccess problems.
Management Reporting. Access reports or output to Excel.
Training. General MSAccess training. Aftercare or Ongoing support.
Data Issues. Tidying messy data. Massaging and collecting data.
Friendly Advice.

What is a Database?

A database is simply a way of organising data. An electronic filing cabinet if you like.
View our simple case study of a company new to databases. It saved them time and money!!

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